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Dr. Philip Jay Magpantay and his latest very satisfied Invisalign® patients

Dr. Philip Jay Magpantay and his latest very satisfied Invisaline patient Dr. Philip Jay Magpantay and his latest very satisfied Invisaline patient Dr. Philip Jay Magpantay and his latest very satisfied Invisaline patient

I wanted to take the time to write to you and commend you and your dental office for taking great care of me during my implant procedure. From the initial orientation to the final appointment, I felt I was in good hands. Dr. Leftowitz and associates, including Terry of D&S, make a great team. I am very satisfied with my implant. I am not writing to you just because Dr. Leftowitz is a personal friend, but because he is a consummate professional. I want you to know that I will not hesitate to recommend your office for any dental work to anyone I run across.

Mike Demers

My wife and I recently became patients of Dr. Tomashevsky. We are both in our 90’s and during the first day we met pleasant and courteous staff as Dr. Tomashevsky and receptionist Gabrielle.

To be treated by such staff is especially important for old and sick people like us. When we arrived to the Kensington office, I discovered that I left my cell phone in the taxi. Because my English is poor and having lost my hearing a year ago; I was unable to resolve this problem. Thanks to Ms. Gabrielle who displayed care and patience to understand us and resolved this problem efficiently.

Your Truly,
Mikhail P.

Thank you Dr. Maharaj for doing “testimonial”job in removing my wisdom teeth. I appreciated how direct you were about being 15 minutes post schedule and I did not have pain afterwards. It was nice to meet you!
T. Fagan

My three children and I have been going to Dr. Kelly and Associates for about six years. We’ve been so happy with the accurate and gentle care we receive. Even if we all go to our appointments as a family, we’re treated as individuals as we each have either special concerns or the need for different levels of treatment. We really enjoy the fact that all three offices are easily accessible and provide the same level of excellent care. At this point, we feel at home at all three offices and now that my children can drive, they take themselves to their own appointments. The doctors and hygienists take care of them as if I am still looking over their shoulders! I’m glad my friend suggested that I switch from my old dentist to this practice.
– Maddy L

Dr. Lev Tomashevsky, President, is the best dentist in all my experience. His expertise is of the highest caliber. He and his entire entourage at all three locations are friendly, available, professional, and just plain delightful. This is the best bet for all your dental needs and the prices are competitive!
– A Happy Senior ^..^

I had a terrible looking tooth from an unfinished root canal (I could see most of the Drs frowning when they looked into my mouth) and I wanted to remove it before beginning the process of dental implants. Dr Kelly looked at the tooth and saw it as a challenge. So he built up the tooth to be connected to a bridge until I could afford the implants. Because of inappropriate insurance coverage, I had to get extractions and could not afford teeth replacements. AS a pastor, I felt somewhat insecure, whenever I spoke or smiled or just being a woman. I had been nicknamed Reverend Sunshine, but my sun rays didn’t fully reflect who I really am. Now without missing teeth, thanks to Dr Kelly, Reverend Sunshine has risen again to her full potential. As a woman, I am beginning to feel so beautiful once again. My smile has become my signature once again.
– Pastor Gloria Fisher

Dr Patel, Thank You so very much for your professionalism during my dental implant surgery. You were very gentle and made me feel at ease, when I realized that you knew what you were doing. I will recommend you to any of my friends or relatives if they should have the need for dental implants. Thanks also to Walter, who was also very professional and caring. That’s why I love to have Dr Robert Kelly & Associates take care of my dental needs. – Edwine Lewis

I’d like to thank Sarah Deckard who was especially patient and careful with my dental work.  It was very stressful because I had a recent crown from another dentist, which had failed.  She was sensitive and encouraging.  Dr Holderman was very helpful to me as well.  I appreciate all the time both dentists gave me.  Thank You! Leslie Terrence

Dr Deckard’s professional and dedicated service was truly appreciated.  I can actually say that is was a pleasure to come to the Dr Kelly’s office for my dental work and  with her and the other staff members.  I would recommend all my family and friends to Dr Kelly & Associates Lesley Rousseau

The team of Dr Kelly DDS & Associates are one of a kind. I found out a week before I had to relocate to another state that I needed two root canals. Although I did not think it was realistic that a week’s worth of time was enough for receiving two root canals and crowns. Dr Tomashevsky and his team made it happen! They had actually rush ordered the crowns, which normally takes two weeks or sometimes longer. Robert Kelly & Associates also made payment arrangements with me. This was absolutely convenient and appreciated taken all the other expenses that one goes through with moving to another state. The staff was knowledgeable and professional and knew me by my first name not by a chart. I highly recommend Robert Kelly DDS & Associates for all of your dental needs. The entire process was seamless and high caliber. The best in the business! Stacy Reid

Dear Dr Kelly, Thank you so very much for the well fitted bridge. You and your lab did a great job. It’s been an emotional ride since I was 13 so I hope my teeth will remain healthy. Blessings to you, your staff and your family. See you in July. Regards, JoAnne Alley

Robert J Kelly DDS & Associates: I would like to thank you so much for the fine job that you performed on my son. It is good to know that there are good people all across this great U.S.A. We live in Utah and he is in the DC area for the next year or so. Thank you for helping him out when he needed it. Sincerely John C Lott


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